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  1. Ask around. See if anyone you know has a good chinchilla vet. Google exotic vet in your state and start doing your research.

  2. Google the places you find. Look at their reviews they have. Check their Facebook page along with their website. The more you know about them the better.

  3. Once you found a place, give them a call. Ask the receptionist how often they see chinchillas. Ask if they know what to do in emergencies with a chinchilla. Ask if they know how to dentals (aka floating teeth or filing teeth) on a chinchilla. Ask whatever comes to mind.

  4. Once you feel comfortable, make an appointment. Make one just for a routin exam. DONT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS AN EMERGENCY. Get to know your vet and make sure you trust them. Make sure they do a full exam. 1) check heart, lungs and gut sounds. 2) check ears, nose and teeth (not just the front teeth but the back teeth as well. They need a special light and equipment for this. The chin does not need to be sedated). 3) make sure they weigh your chin. 4) make sure they check the genitals, boys and girls (boys...the vet most likely will not to a fur ring check unless you ask them too). 5) if your chin is new to you, make sure the vet checks a stool sample to look for intestinal parasites.

  5. Ask your vet about the closest ER that they trust. You never know when you will need them.

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions ☺️


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