Hair Ring


What it is

Males can get fur wrapped around their penis which can cut off circulation, cause prolapse or even death if not removed.


Males tend to, umm, well, pleasure themselves which gives the fur a chance to get stuck.


Excessive grooming of their private area, a penis that won't go back into the sheath or, God forbid, a purple penis.

What to do

Hair ring checks should be done once a month. They are important to your males health. Sometimes they have trouble removing hair and other material that might gather in the sheath that contains their penis. The fur can tie around their penis and cut off circulation which will cause pain and they could possibly lose use of their penis. ie...not being able to urinate as well.

Shared from the group:
"So on April 30 I posted about my boy Cerebro and the fact that he had a prolapsed penis after working off a hair ring he developed between monthly checks. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since it was discovered and his penis only fully returned inside the sheath today. It has been a long few weeks of 3x a day cleanings, removing any fur that made its way around the penis again, and keeping it moist. He is finally starting to bounce around again and return to his happy self. If you're ever question whether the hair ring checks are really worth doing, they really are, especially if they're in pairs and play around a lot. This occured just 2 days before I regularly check for hair rings, and took 3 weeks to return to looking normal." Anna Rondeau, Member

Here are some images of a hair ring, Karina Sanchez,
found on her 5 month old male! Yikes! Thanks Karina!

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Hair Ring Hair Ring Hair Ring
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