Terms and Definitions


Terms used in the Chinchilla world that you may not know what they mean:


a fairly high pitched alarm sound... chinchillas will bark when they see/hear/smell something they are unsure of; Click for Further Reading


a condition where a buildup of gas has occurred in the tummy of a chinchilla; Click for Further Reading


active at dawn and dusk

fur chewing

a nervous condition where the chinchilla will chew chunks off their fur off boredom can also cause a chinchilla to fur chew; Click for Further Reading

fur slip

a defense mechanism; Click for Further Reading

gi stasis

a condition where the digestive process has stopped functioning ; Click for Further Reading

hair ring

because of their dense fur and the habit of male chinchillas to play with their privates, hair can wrapped around the penis making a ring ; Click for Further Reading


a baby chinchilla


a disorder involving the teeth; Click for Further Reading


simply put, it's a family tree of a particular chinchilla created and certified by the breeder to be the correct parentage of said chinchilla should list parents and grandparents at a minimum


a quick jump straight up a sign of happiness


an uterine infection; Click for Further Reading


running up, across and down a wall a sign of happiness

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