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Having a new family member can be exciting to the entire family, old and young alike. We've included information here to consider when young children and chinchillas live under the same roof.

  • Children should never be left alone with chinchillas.
  • Children, young ones especially, need to be taught the proper handling techniques. It's very easy to hurt a chinchilla if too much pressure is applied.
  • Stress how important it is to not open the cage without adult supervision.
  • Children can be included in play time, by allowing them to sit or lay, and let the chin(s) use them as a jungle gym. Children should not be allowed to stand in the play area as it's just so easy for them to lose balance and fall.

One way to help children experience the joy of living with a chinchilla, is to give them activities that allow them to be involved in a safe manner. We have linked some ideas.

Another great idea from Member Stephanie Thornsbury. Let your child practice their reading, by reading a book to your chinchillas!

"It's chinchilla story time. My son read them When You Take a Mouse to the Movies....Delia was very interested in how this rodent based book ended."

Another great activity is coloring! Here are some coloring pages that can be printed and colored over and over. To print, right-click (or click and hold), save the image to your computer/device and then print from there.


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