Making Your Own Chinchilla Toys

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Everything linked on this page is considered safe for chinchillas.


Making your own chinchilla toys is easy and, while it will likely save you money, it can also be very relaxing and entertaining! And the first time your chinchilla chews on a toy you've made, the enjoyment just goes through the roof! This is a great opportunity to include children in the act of making toys! You are only limited by your imagination!

There are several different types of toys you can make.

Hanging Toys

Strung from a wire, they are usually 6" to 36" in length (or longer if your cage supports it). These are 24" in length

Refillable Toys

These are made using a refillable base and are usually either a straight hanging toy or a circle. These are on a 6" base

Toss Toys

These are toys ranging from just a couple inches to about 6", the perfect size for carrying around
NOTE: Instead of wire, you can use seagrass rope to string your toys together.


Setting Up

I found these under garment organizers but they were open at the bottom (so the sides weren't hooked to the bottom). I pulled out my handy glue gun and fixed that and they are awesome to store toy parts in.








Wood Parts

1" Hardwood Beads

1 3/4" Wooden Blocks

1 1/8" Wooden Blocks

3/4" Wooden Blocks

50 Small to Medium Wood Pieces

1 1/2" Wooden Blocks

2" Wooden Blocks

2 1/4" Wooden Blocks

Bamboo Foragers

2" Twirlies

4" Twirlies

Large Coins


2.5" Pine Thins

Pine Blocks #1

Pine Blocks #2

Bobbin Spools

Beehive Beads

Oval Beads

Large Groovy

Wooden Wheels

BULK 100 Slotted Chippers 1/4 "

100 Softwood Slats (3" x 1/2")

Wooden Wheel 1" x 3/8" (Set of 100)

100 Softwood Slats (2 1/2" x 1/4")


Other Parts


Vine Stars


Shredder Tape


Coconut Shell

Vine Hearts

Palm Springs

Palm Lily Pads

Palm Boxes

Bamboo Chain

Grass Bundles

Bamboo Balls

Handmade Small Palm Flowers - BULK 50 Count

Oval Willow Basket


Coloring & Flavoring

If you purchased natural products (wood or loofah), you can color and flavor it yourself. I use wash tubs I bought on Amazon - fill with a gallon or 2 of hot water, added 3 packets of kool-aid and a couple tablespoons of color, mix thoroughly. Soak items until desired color is achieved.


Click the following to purchase unsweentened kool-aid for flavoring and gel paste colors for coloring. You will need to pay attention to the color of the kool-aid (its shown on the front) and pick a matching color from the gel pastes.

Assembling Toys

Now you've got parts, it's time to assemble some toys. The easiest one is a refillable. Simply slip on various items until full... I try to use at least 3 different textures most of the time. Be sure to screw the bottom part on tightly. Don't be surprised to find it missing one day, my chins like to unscrew it and let everything fall off! Brats... I always find the pieces so no loss.

Hanging and toss toys are made exactly the same way with just a couple small differences. Start by cutting your wire to desired length - add 4"... so if you want a hanging toy 12" in length, cut your wire at 16". That gives you 2" on either end for your loops.

Step 1

Using rounded or bail making pliers, wind 2" of the wire into 1/4"-3/8"



Step 2

Thread your toy parts onto the wire until you have 2" remaining




Step 3

Using rounded or bail making pliers, wind the remaining 2" into 1/4"-3/8" loops



Step 4

If you made a hanging toy, slip a carbiner into the loops of 1 end, bending the other end flat against the bottom toy part; if you made a toss toy, push the wire loops on both ends flat against the end toy parts



Toy Ideas

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