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What It Is

On this page, we'll be addressing any breaks in the skin.


The most common causes are a bite from a cage mate, a scratch or scrap from catching on something or a surgery site.


Should be fairly obvious here 😉... any area where the skin is split.

What To Do

This will greatly depend on the severity of the wound. For all wounds, dust baths should be stopped until there are no breaks in the skin.

  • For small wounds (scrapes, small bites, etc), wash the area with a clean wet cloth (try not to get the surrounding areas wet); disinfect with Vetericyn and monitor the wound for signs of infection. You can also apply a thin coat of a triple antibiotic ointment. See below for links to purchase.

  • For large, bleeding wounds, apply pressure to the wound to encourage clotting, and head to your nearest vet or ER.

"Cone Of Shame"
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