First Aid Kit


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Must Haves

It just makes us cry when we read that a chinchilla is in trouble and the parent doesn't have these on hand and is scrambling to find it, or even worse, it's night time and they have to wait 12 hours before anything opens... we just can NOT stress enough how important it is to have these first items on hand at all times!

"Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have."
- Franz Kafka

Critical Care

Gas Drops

Bene-Bac Plus

12ml Curved
Tip Syringe


"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark!"
- Howard Ruff

Additional Items

If you wish to have everything on hand for nearly any emergency, we suggest the following items.



Original Triple Antibiotic


Bag Balm

AD Ointment

Large Freezer Pack

Eye Drops

Tinactin Powder

Activated Charcoal

1-inch Vet Wrap

2-inch Non-Stick
Gauze Pads

Personal Lubricant

Corn Starch

Kit/Baby Items

If you rescue, chances are you will end up with chinchilla kits one day. These items are specifically for those kits.

Goats Milk

Miracle Mini
Feeding Syringes

Baby Rice

Cuddlesoft Heating
and Cooling Pad

Heating Pad

Chinchilla Home Emergency Kit

Purchasing all of the full size items on our list is quite expensive, especially when you consider the items that expire. One of our admins, Tina Sauer Harshbarger, has put together a chinchilla home emergency kit that includes small sizes of most of the items above and offers it in her store.

Let us help you give your pet chinchilla the healthiest and longest life possible!

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